Villa Sara

The space used for garbage collection is located outside the Residence at the main gate. Please close the bags well to prevent any waste from spilling. Waste must be displayed in front of your house number from 06:00 to 08:00 or the previous evening after 22:00, according to the established schedule, in separate containers or bags by waste category. Nappies and nappies, placed in special bags, will be collected every day. During the check-out phase it is recommended not to leave garbage in the house. Thanks for the collaboration.

MONDAY             ORGANIC






For the good continuation of your holiday, we strongly recommend the use of the outdoor showers, located at the entrance to the beach, to at least remove the sand from your feet. This recommendation is intended to avoid blocking the shower drain.

The refrigerators inside the house are already set at a temperature that satisfies any customer need. An eventual increase in potency would not lead to any benefit. Therefore, please do not tamper with this setting.

In order to sensitize customers to safeguarding our planet, we recommend that you turn off the air conditioner when you are not at home. Please note that water can only be used for sanitary purposes.

We inform you that the power of the electricity of each house amounts to 4.5 Kwh. The simultaneous use of too many appliances (air conditioner, oven, water heater and hairdryer) can cause the power to be cut off. To avoid this problem, appropriate use is recommended.

Info for the Check-out

In the impossibility, for various reasons, in delivering the keys to a manager, there is the possibility to leave the keys on the outside table, so as to give the customer the right to leave at any time by 10:00 am.

The main gate can be opened from the inside, without a key, using a button located 10 meters from the exit.

We remind you not to leave TRASH inside the house.
Please notify Vincenzo of the check-out by calling / message +39 3348606036

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